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We Interview ChatGPT About… Itself

Jan 27, 2023
Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock – and even then that rock that you’re living under would have to have very poor wifi and mobile data coverage – you’ve probably seen at least some media coverage about ChatGPT, the latest release from artificial intelligence organisation, OpenAI.

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Nuking the climate (crisis): redemption or destruction?

Jan 5, 2023
Nuking the climate (crisis): redemption or destruction?In the conversation about a shift to more sustainable forms of energy generation, nuclear power isn’t really at the top of the list… or even in the discussion. But maybe it should be.In Episode 65 of Hearsay, Rip, Reap… and Bury? The (Temporary) Resurgence of Carbon Intensive Fuels, we

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dog running

Read how to overcome the strata committee

Sep 27, 2022
After four and a half years (or about 30ish dog years), the NSW Court of Appeal (NSWCA) likely paws-ed before handing down its judgment concerning Angus, a then-13 year old mini schnauzer.Angus’ owners, Jo and Lee Cooper, sought to have a strata by-law forbidding pets in their prestige high rise apartment quashed…

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Have you Heard the latest?

Jul 8, 2022
After six weeks of public flogging by celebrity culture (whether you wanted to be or not), the world finally has an answer in the peculiarly American saga of Depp v Heard… with Johnny Depp coming out on top. The seven member jury found in favour of Mr Depp. Finding that Ms Heard had defamed him in

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