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Family provision claims Adrian Corbould
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Mental health Dr Phoebe Norville
Tips and tricks for working with recruiters Andrew Murdoch

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Vicarious trauma Jahan Kalantar
Nature-related risk Laura Waterford & Olivia Back
Insolvency 2024

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Justice Hammerschlag
Geoffrey Robertson
Mark Tedeschi
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Episode image for Naked and Infamous: Exposing Fertility Apps’ Use and Abuse of Health Data
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Episode 100 Naked and Infamous: Exposing Fertility Apps’ Use and Abuse of Health Data Katharine Kemp Dr Katharine Kemp of UNSW's Faculty of Law and Justice joins David in Curiosity to explore her research paper Your Body, Our Data: Unfair and Unsafe Privacy Practices of Popular Fertility Apps. Touching on the use and misuse of users' health information, how that information is gathered, why that information is being collected, and how to best protect users.
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